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Guidance, Assistance and 4×4 Driving

You may come to Tunisia with your 4×4 or your motorcycle. You want to discover the desert and to drive on the trails of the great rally-raids Saharans … we’ll help you to do so in the best conditions of pleasure and safety.

Driving in the desert is not the exclusive prerogative of a few automobile champions or old, dark-skinned Saharians.
Contrary to popular belief, there are less damaged materials on these journeys than on those on the motorway.
However, we must abide by certain rules of conduct to avoid mechanical problems to maintain the harmonious movement of the group.
All the parts of your vehicle will be subjected to high pressure, for which they are built of course, but this does not prevent a regular check.

Every evening, you will have to :
– Clean your air filter .
– Make a serious visual inspection of the car, top to bottom, with particular attention to the suspension, tires, leaks, the level of liquids (battery, cooling, oil, brakes, and clutch).

Every morning, before the departure check :
– That everything is securely fastened in the car
– That there is no leak
– Tire pressure (which will be adapted depending on the nature of the terrain encountered).

During the day :
– Do not hesitate to stop if you hear an unusual noise, or if something intrigues you.
– Regularly check the pressure of your tires (ranging up to temperature), and must always have a pressure adapted to the nature of the terrain.
– Always let the vehicle cool down well before stopping.

We provide the guides and the bivouacs. This is a very good way to discover the Grand Erg Oriental.

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